The DNL Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by its members to support and run the operations of the League. Each committee member has delegated tasks of responsibility for the duration of their tenure of at least two years. The Committee are dedicated volunteers offering their personal time to support, develop, promote and enhance netball in Dubai in the best interest of the Dubai Netball League members aligned with the Constitution.

Please refer to Appendix 2 of the DNL Handbook for full Committee position descriptions.

Introducing your DNL Committee 2017/18

Chair Women – Helen Foster

DNL member since 2014. DNL Umpire and Plays for Maestro division 3.


Treasurer – Liz Chan-A-Sue

Liz has been part of the Dubai Netball League for 8 years, 2 years on the committee and Vice Chair last year.
Last season Liz was playing and umpiring for WoobaTV.
Liz has also competed in the social team in the Inter-Gulf competition for the last 6 years.

Tournament Coordinator – Simone Yacoby

Simone has been living in Dubai for 2 years working as a PE teacher in a primary school.
Though new to the committee this year, Simone plays in division 1 and has also represented the Dubai team for the last 2 years at the Inter-Gulf Championship.
In addition to this, Simone coaches netball regularly including the Dubai youth team and umpire weekly in DNL.

Treasurer – Victoria Sole

DNL member since 2003. DNL Umpire and Plays for Pro Physique division 1.

Secretary – Stacey Baker

Stacey Baker is in her second year of the Dubai Netball League and just started her second year in Dubai. Hailing from the west coast of Wales, with the ability to talk anyone into a coma and drink the best of them under the table. Currently a financial coordinator, being able to boast that I work in number 1 SZR, and have a mild addiction to spinning classes (although this could way more worth my while if my love of pasta and bread wasn’t also a thing).
+971 55 9728704

Fixtures and Umpires – Rachel Richardson

DNL member since 2015. Plays for Pro Physique division 1.

Tournaments Coordinator – Lydia Clohesy

DNL member since. Plays for Monviso Mavericks division 3.

Social Coordinator – Tania Kotze

DNL member since. DNL umpire and plays with OF+C, division 2.

Social Coordinator – Jo Yates

DNL member since _. DNL umpire and plays with Cobone, division 1.

Media and Marketing – Nasriah Ishak-Lenstra

DNL member since 2013. Plays for Cocoon division 2.

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