With arguably the strongest contingency ever sent to the Inter-Gulf Championship in Bahrain in 2015, Dubai came away with a plethora of awards. It was a tough, hot and tiring weekend and Dubai will be back next year to defend both 1st and 2nd place!


History of Inter-Gulf

The Inter-Gulf (IG) Netball Championships were first held in 1986 at the Dubai International Hotel (now the Airport Le Meridien). Seven teams from Oman, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai participated in the inaugural event.  The first title was won convincingly by Oman who dominated the tournament for the first few years.

Over the years the number of teams taking part in the event has grown rapidly. As the burden of hosting such a large event became too much for one club to undertake on an annual basis, it was decided to make the tournament peripatetic.  The tournament went from being a one-day competition to a two-day event to allow more games to be played, and to give visitors more time to soak up the atmosphere of the host city.

The tournament is now easily the largest sporting event for women in the Gulf region.  From its humble beginnings in 1986, it has now grown to include well over 200 players from all of the GCC countries, includes international standard umpires from the major netball playing nations who take an active part in developing netball and umpiring standards across the Gulf throughout the year.  The past five years has also seen the addition of a men’s tournament running alongside the women’s event and we expect the men’s competition to keep growing.

Past Winners

  • 2013 ABU DHABI
  • 2012 ABU DHABI
  • 2011 DUBAI
  • 2010 ABU DHABI
  • 2009 ABU DHABI
  • 2008   DUBAI
  • 2007   DUBAI
  • 2006   ABU DHABI
  • 2005   DUBAI
  • 2004   DUBAI
  • 2003   DUBAI
  • 2002   DUBAI
  • 2001   DUBAI
  • 2000   DUBAI
  • 1999   BAHRAIN
  • 1998   BAHRAIN
  • 1997   BAHRAIN
  • 1996   BAHRAIN
  • 1995   ABU DHABI
  • 1994   ABU DHABI
  • 1993   DUBAI
  • 1992   ABU DHABI
  • 1990   BAHRAIN
  • 1989   BAHRAIN
  • 1988   OMAN
  • 1987   OMAN
  • 1986   OMAN

You can check out the photo gallery on our website to view Inter-Gulf in action.